Where Will You Be To Celebrate Amerika’s Austerity Riots?

It of course didn’t matter who won the 2012 Presidential elections….the riots after all were not a function of politics, but of mathematics. And numbers of course do not have any partisan identity. And numbers…when left to their own purposes….don’t lie…they just are what they are.

And the reality of the numbers facing the USA leading into 2013 were unavoidable. Romney was elected in a squeaker of an election and an even closer electoral college vote….but he was indeed elected. Ad he was elected on the promise to create 12 million jobs. Create jobs he was. Jobs for everyone. Gobs of Jobs and glorious things. And unlike all his previous experience…shipping jobs further and further offshore, Romney’s promise was to keep those jobs right here….stateside. The 2012 campaign was very much like Walt Disney’s Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Mittens waving his magic wand around while Bat Boy created a new set of numbers and economic principles…the likes of which the universe had never before seen. Those delusions were an absurd response to the pathetic reality made clear to the entire nation of the horrifying reality delivered by the anemic Obama administration…not exactly Carter’s malaise…it was more like malaise but with a terrifyingly brutal Billy club…called…the NDAA.

What was made absolutely certain was that a Romney/Ryan administration was going to bring WAR! GLORIOUS WAR! WAR ALL ACROSS THE PLANET! And war…especially in the short term…was indeed going to stoke up the fires of the Industrial Machine. As the economic numbers were spewing out of both official government sources (UNEMPLOYMENT UP/UNEMPLOYMENT DOWN) and out of private sources (STOCK MARKET UP/STOCK MARKET DOWN) as summer turned to fall in 2012…I realized that I was the only person in Amerika who wondered what any of those numbers would look like if the USA announced a cessation of hostilities around the globe. I wondered, “What would happen if the USA articulated a foreign policy of non-intervention and de-escalation of tensions?” And of course the answer was, “The US economy would crash if the war machine was not properly fed.” What was the economic impact of the War Machine on say….Florida’s economy. Not just the boys (and girls) on bases and in uniforms in Tampa and in Jacksonville, but all the boys and girls working for private contractors all across the state. They don’t wear uniforms and they don’t drive to bases. And their economic impact cannot be traced by looking at the federal or state budgets. As Frontline noted, in their series, “Top Secret America”, the amount we were all spending to bomb babies and maim mommas was…TOP SECRET.

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