Is it Time to Pray?

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.”
The Usual Suspect: The Legend of Kaiser Soze

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing people that fiat money was real.”
George W. Mantor, Musings on the Looming Global Financial Collapse

Despite everything that has been written, the movies made, the documentaries produced, the You-Tube videos that have been posted, despite all the ranting talking heads, the financial crimes headlines, the charts, the graphs and the illustrations, I’m not sure very many people appreciate how bad this is, and that we are running out of time to act collectively to avert a legion of doom.

What does it take to get through to people? There is a financial crime in progress and despite all of the settlements, the consent decrees, the investigations, and the inquiries, it goes on unabated.

$1,000 trillion in derivatives? C’mon, man! I call bullshit!

Pension funds stuffed with mortgage backed bonds with no mortgages backing them? Business fraud and government corruption on an epic scale.

QE3 is just the American tax payer buying, on credit, the fraudulent mortgage pools—no questions asked. With an offer like that of open ended buying of shitty mortgages, one thing is for sure, the banks will never run out of shitty mortgages. Business as usual.

If you think the government or either party is going to right the ship, you’ve had too much Kool-Aid. They built this together to serve themselves, and you and I are their targets. The wealth that is being transferred is yours to them. They already got mine.

At the same time that they are creating more unemployed, more homelessness and more vacant real estate, they are also creating a climate in which those who have anything left will favor doing nothing for the less fortunate.

It’s happening already. It’s divide and conquer, and we are letting them get away with it.

I was listening to a couple of those talking heads debating what we should do with the 14 million vacant homes. They talked about changes in government policies as a solution to the problem. What about putting people in them? They never mentioned that.

They don’t care about what these foreclosures, all of them illegal, did to the families. They don’t talk about the small real estate investor who had a couple of rentals or a strip mall. All of those trashed out homes, offices, and storefronts, are the decaying carcasses of America’s middle class.

You don’t need to be a conspiracy theorist to smell trouble brewing; just face facts and grab a calculator.

Not just any calculator can handle this, however. A typical calculator will only go to eight digits.

What you need to figure this out is 16 digits. A pretty good indicator that all of the money is just made up is that nobody ever needed a calculator with more than seven or eight digits when we were still adding up real stuff.

But, since we’ve been just making it all up, out into the stratosphere, we suddenly have a problem no maker of calculators had ever considered—the extra zeros needed for future made up stuff. That’s right; to measure the Ponziness of the global bubble you need a calculator that can go to quadrillions.

You will need Big Red, the Official Calculator of the National Debt.

The lack of jobs and huge debt are not accidents, and it’s the same story around the world. Central bankers are looting virtually every country, and those that don’t have money problems are suffering as demand for goods contracts on a global scale.

The so-called economy is not a capricious, uncontrollable force like the weather.

Economies don’t just happen; they are the byproduct of planning. Economically, the entire globe is caught in the grip of pending collapse, and austerity and civil unrest are sure to follow here as is happening in Europe.

All the talk is just sandbagging for a flood that cannot be controlled. Every day that it doesn’t happen is another day in which the result will be greater. Default is inevitable, but the consequences will be greater and the recovery take longer as the clock continues to tick.

Our fiscal cliff is a speed-bump compared to the global fiscal cliff for which we are all heading like a herd of crazed lemmings. For God sake, somebody tell the central planners that you cannot borrow your way out of massive debt if there is no way you can ever contain it, let alone repay it.

Stop borrowing to make a handful of filthy-rich people even filthier and richer, and start rebuilding the America that we have neglected for so long.

We need to put people back to work rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure…but, we won’t do it.

We need to stop the fraudclosure crisis…but, we won’t do it.

We need to put an end to fiat money and the great transfer of wealth…but, we won’t do it.

We need to provide high quality medical care to every man, woman, and child in America…but, we won’t do it.

We need to stop spending our children’s futures on endless, winless wars…but, we won’t do it.

We need to stand by one another because when they fuck one of us, they fuck all of us and only collectively can we keep them from fucking you. Don’t you fucking get that?

The war on terror is the terror. It has been used to fundamentally gut the Constitution, while elevating secrecy all in the name of “national security”.

Security? I’ve never felt less secure. I’m waiting for the knock on the door when they have grown weary of me poking at them.

We are being destroyed from within. Not by government incompetence, but by design. Everything happens for a reason.

The terrorists supposedly targeted the World Trade Center as a symbol of their intent to destroy the American economy. Since then, America has gone from a budget surplus to a debt we can never repay. While the country tanked, Goldman Sachs and a handful of other cartels knocked down record profits.

The casualties are the walking wounded who have lost everything just like the victims of a fire or a tornado but with no one coming to help. This situation, despite all the hype of an improved economy and a rebounding real estate market, continues to erode the middle class.

I know they don’t like us to call it what it is, but like it or not, it is class-warfare and the middle class is losing. Surely, somebody will do something. Who and what? And, if not right fucking now, then when?

Where are all the big talkers with their guns and their ammo and the Second Amendment? Where is the structure and organization needed to bring together your citizen army? What about logistics training? What about getting men and materiel to the front lines. What about communications? How will you call in an airstrike?

The enemy won’t be wearing a red coat and hiding behind a tree trying to ready a muzzle loader. They will come by Urban Assault Vehicles that we bought them. They will stay away and send their drones we bought them as poverty and misery have spread.

They say there are no atheists in a fox-hole, but I think that being part of the great failure that war always turns out to be, might make me lose my faith in God, not reinforce it. Why do we keep doing it?

The world is about to enter a new era. History will tell the real tale. Given the time to examine the events leading up to the global financial collapse, it will become apparent that a silent revolution has already occurred. The great experiment in freedom is over.

That leaves praying. I don’t really “say prayers” very often. I feel more as though I am in an ongoing dialogue with a friend. We talk about the many blessings I have been given and how to best use my uniqueness to make a positive difference during my brief walk on the terra.

Life goes better with a lot of gratitude and appreciation. I pray as a way to be thankful and to acknowledge every blessing, every miracle, and every mystery of a wonderful life.

When I do ask for something, I ask for things I know I can attain. Courage, understanding, imagination, patience but not pacifism, and persistence without obstinacy. I don’t ask to win the lottery; I might ask instead for the energy to make myself more valuable to the world around me.

I do not ask for my life to take a certain course, trusting instead that if I do the best I can at whatever I am doing, I will be propelling myself to exactly where I am supposed to be. How can I presume to know how things should be along a road I have never travelled?

Men don’t make history, history makes men. It is only when we are challenged that we dig deep enough, that we reach high enough, that we focus clearly enough to rise to the very best that is in us.

For too long, there have been too few challenges. The shit we thought we wanted came too easily and some of the harsh realities of life passed us by. For a while.

We got lazy, fat and indifferent to the plight of those around us.

Now…well…now it’s time to pray. Can we pray together?