Get sick. Lose your home.

Ana Casas Wilson has lived in the same home near Los Angeles for 40 years. In 2009, she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and her husband had to take some time off to care for her. Their income quickly rebounded, but they missed some mortgage payments. They tried to get back on track and work with the bank on modifications. Ana was born with cerebral palsy, and has been a passionate and effective advocate for the disabled.

Wells Fargo and US Bank foreclosed on her anyway, refusing to accept her payments.

Stand with Ana Wilson and demand an end to sickness evictions like hers. We’re working with local partners to deliver your petitions directly to the HQ’s of US Bank and Wells Fargo. Sign now to make sure your voice is included!

We’re in the last week of Breast Cancer awareness month, but it seems like the only awareness Wall Street bankers have is of their foreclosure lists. We can’t stand by and let banks take away the homes of people who are playing by the rules, trying to work with the banks to keep their homes, even paying payments, but just fell behind when they got sick.

Jacqueline Barber spent 20 years on the Atlanta police force, only retiring when injured by a car in the line of duty. In 2009, the predatory loan on her house caused her payment to go up $1500, and she fought to stay current. Then she was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer and had to undergo aggressive treatment to save her life. She fought back against the disease, and spent months filling out forms and asking for modifications to her mortgage. A Wells Fargo Executive Vice President assured he they were working on her case.

Instead, they sold her loan to US Bank at foreclosure auction, and now she’s fighting imminent eviction. The banks are refusing even to sell the home to friends and family who have banded together to help Jacqueline.

Please stand with Ana and Jacqueline and demand an end to these sickness evictions. No one should lose their home while fighting cancer and the banks. Help us tell CEO’s John Stumpf and Richard Davis to stop sickness evictions and commit to no more illness foreclosures.

Your help is critical. We all know that increased stress makes it harder for the body to fight back against serious illness. There is little in life that is more stressful than being evicted. It is not a stretch to say that by pursuing these foreclosure evictions US Bank and Wells Fargo are literally helping shorten the lives of Ana and Jacqueline.

And they are not alone. Occupy Our Homes and the Home Defenders League has found people struggling with illness, medical debt, underwater mortgages and foreclosures in town after town across America. Get sick. Lose your home.

It’s time to end sickness evictions and say no more to illness foreclosures. Starting with US Bank and Wells Fargo.

In solidarity,

Tim Franzen, Occupy Our Homes Atlanta