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Sex, Lies, and Money – Does Voting Even Matter?

Politics today are like professional wrestling—when you know the outcome is predetermined, you soon figure out that the blood isn’t real and, therefore, the outcome really doesn’t matter.

And like wrestling, it occasionally makes for great entertainment when you know that the red-faced giant threatening to rip off his opponents head has an MFA in Drama from The Juilliard School.

One part of the theater that I have really enjoyed this silly season is the seeming preoccupation of old men with young women and sex.  In particular, what to do with the ones who go out and get themselves raped.

Have you ever seen so many feet in mouths during their sweating, stammering, clumsy attempt to back away from something they clearly believe and comments they meant?

That is some funny shit.

But, the thoughts they have are not a laughing matter.  The question of who should have total and absolute dominion over a woman’s body ought not to be part of the campaign.  It is unquestionably the woman herself, not some institution with an inherent misogynistic bias.

Ladies, please don’t vote for these wing-nuts.  They are hurting our country when we are too vulnerable.

This overriding preoccupation with sex has to be one of the reasons that nothing works anymore.  Instead of coming up with job creation solutions, their minds are clearly somewhere else.

Everybody knows what a lie is.  Everybody knows that everybody lies.

Maybe not Mother Teresa, although, I have it on very good authority that she was prone to the occasional sin of omission if it would spare someone’s feelings.

For a lie to be believed, we have to want to believe it and need to have absolute trust in the teller of the lie.

Is that how you feel about Fox News or any advertising supported media?  Absolute trust?

What about the President?  Or, the candidate?

Do you trust the Securities and Exchange Commission?

Ben Bernanke?

The Supreme Court?


The Senate?

The Food and Drug Administration?

The Veteran’s Administration?

The Pope?

The biggest lie of all is playing out right before our very eyes in the form of elections.  It’s fun watching the candidates try to find things to actually differentiate themselves from their opponents, when it is obvious that it won’t make any difference to most of us because politicians are all on the same team, not opposing teams like you thought.

Win or lose the bund takes care of its own and they all know it.  When was the last time you saw somebody trash a water cooler because they lost an election or break down sobbing at their concession speech?  Where is the emotion?  Where’s the rage?  I thought they were driven by these deeply felt beliefs and a passion for public service.

They all act like they lost the regatta down at the yacht club.  “First, I want to congratulate my opponent on a great race.  But, we’re not going away.  We’ll be back.”

Actually, they will be right there; working as a lobbyist or a consultant, conveniently tucked away on some insiders payroll while raising cash for the next campaign.

Those that weren’t in bed with the system, fewer and farther between then ever because of the money that flows into campaigns, eventually succumb to the culture on the inside.

I guess I’ll vote.  It’s hardly worth the effort now but I used to think it was important.  I used to rationalize that, if you don’t vote, you don’t have a right to bitch.

In the presidential race, it’s even weirder when you understand that not only does your vote not matter, your whole damn state doesn’t matter.  They don’t even campaign here.

For a while, I advocated voting anyway on the theory that if we all just stay home, they will think they can do whatever they want.  Now, that’s exactly what they think.  And, they are right.

Our votes won’t ever change anything.  We are beyond that.  And, make no mistake, this is no benevolent dictatorship.  Think Dick Cheney in charge of everything.  I think he must be.

Things aren’t getting better, and they won’t.  For that to happen, we must reverse the course that the real power has set us upon.

There is no organic cure for a failing global economy which clings obsessively to a monetary strategy that has proven to only make matters worse.

Voting still matters. In order to lend support to a possible third party in the future, I and my tribe are voting for Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.  He makes sense.  There are local issues, and it is your responsibility to become well informed.  Campaign ads are not information.  Usually just the opposite.

With ballot initiatives, look at where the money is coming from.  $2 billion will be spent on the presidential race alone.  What could $2 billion dollars do to fix some of our very real problems?

With no limit on spending, large entities are sponsoring initiatives that purport to aid the community, but mostly favor their corporate interests.

One way or another, elections are bought.  Either the candidate or the initiative is likely being backed by Corporations.  Dig deep, find out where the money is coming from.  Go to the polls and vote your best interests, not the Corporation’s.  With them, it’s just sex, lies, and money.