Candlelight Vigil at Parkwood Farms Draws Large Crowd

It was a passionate crowd that gathered at Parkwood Farms on Tuesday, Nov. 13. Parents and children, most of them riders at the therapeutic center, stood together to show their support for Dr. Marilyn Peterson and the farm.

The farm is in foreclosure, and Peterson and her Board of Directors are hoping to get a temporary halt placed on the eviction process.

She has a case pending in federal court and claims that she is facing a wrongful foreclosure. (When a home is in foreclosure, payments cannot be made.) A representative for her lawyers with Landguard America said that the mortgage company has made a number of illegal moves, including Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) violations, possible notary law violations, which would invalidate the contract, as well as having “quiet title” issues.

Peterson is hopeful that there will be a stay on the eviction, as are the parents who gathered around her.

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