Action Alert for Citizen Warriors – What Could Foreclosure Fighters Do Now After the Criminal Guilty Pleas

DOJ: Fraud and Forgery is a Crime (Even) when Committed by Banks.

What could foreclosure fighters do now that the Mortgage document crimes have moved beyond allegations to guilty pleas with last Tuesday’s guilty plea by DocX founder Lorraine O’Reilly Brown?

If you only have 30 minutes and less than $1:

– copy the plea agreement and mail it or fax it to the Chief Judge of the Circuit Court In your judicial district and ask that judge to take immediate action to make sure that all of the foreclosure cases involving a DocX mortgage assignment or Affidavit are dismissed.

– send a copy of the plea agreement to the State Attorney in your district and ask that he/she conduct an immediate investigation of the use of these forged documents in your district.

If you have an hour,

– send the plea agreement to your newly elected state and U.S. representatives and ask that they push for a Congressional inquiry and a moratorium on foreclosures.  Ask specifically that all foreclosures that involve mortgages that were supposedly assigned to new owners anytime after 2008 be put on hold.

If you have several hours to research,

– prepare a report on the DocX mortgage assignments in the official records of your county. Which banks, trusts and law firms used these documents. (no need to research Palm Beach County – this report will be released next week.)

Please, Share your findings.

Be sure to send your findings to Florida Representative Alan Grayson, Maryland Congressman Elijah Cummings and Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.  Please send your research also to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan and Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette.  These are some of our strongest allies.

Please remind all officials that these fraudulent documents go far beyond one individual from one company and that – despite all of the revelations – foreclosures by banks that can’t prove ownership of mortgages continue and are on the rise.

It is time for much more hard work.