Photo by Gary Coronado/The Palm Beach Post

ANDREW DAWSON Family in foreclosure now struggles with superhero son’s cancer treatments

As Andrew “Drew” Dawson toddles around his playroom, pretending to bake cupcakes with his dad one minute, teeing off with his toy golf club the next, he’s dressed in khaki shorts and a red “Super Hero in Training” T-shirt.

But that moniker isn’t quite accurate. The sweet, shy 3-year-old is already right up there with Iron Man, say his parents, Mark and Tristan.

“We call him our little superhero,” says Tristan, 38. “He’s the strongest, bravest boy I’ve ever met.”

But the strength of the whole family has been tested this year.

A 42-year-old carpenter, Mark had surgery for a double hernia in May, which kept him out of work for several weeks. The same month, Tristan, who oversees billing for a doctor’s office, suffered a miscarriage and underwent a follow-up medical procedure.

Plus, the Dawsons’ modest Wellington home is in foreclosure, and they need to move by early next year.

But they absorbed the biggest blow in July, when Drew was diagnosed with pre-B acute lymphocytic leukemia, a disease whose treatment protocol takes almost four years to complete because of the cancer’s ability to “hide” throughout the body.

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