Morgan Stanley Banker Who Pulled Pen Knife on Cab Driver in Dispute Over Pay Fired

William Bryan Jennings, the banker whose assault and hate-crime charges over a dispute with a New York cab driver were dropped, was fired by Morgan Stanley and is now reportedly trying to get millions in deferred compensation denied him by his former employer.

The charges that were filed against Jennings after he allegedly pulled a pen knife out of his briefcase over a disagreement with driver Mohamed Ammar about cab fare were dropped in October. However, he was fired about two weeks prior to the ruling for breaching Morgan Stanley’s code of conduct, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Jennings and his attorney did not immediately return a request for comment. An unnamed spokesman for Jennings told the Journal: “The issue is not Mr. Jennings’ conduct. The issue is Morgan Stanley’s conduct. Morgan Stanley knew Mr. Jennings was victimized and still fired him and still kept his money.”

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