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“We are the government (too),” said county Clerk- Recorder Lee Lundrigan. “If the purpose of making a document public may be criminal, we communicate that information to the DA’s fraud team and they can make the final determination.”

Everyone needs to drop this clerk an email or phone call to see how many “Linda Green” documents she has sent over to the DA’s office…


Clerk Recorder Lee Lundrigan
1021 I Street, Suite 101
Modesto, California
Phone: (209) 525-5250
Fax: (209) 525-5804

My bet is ZERO…

As for the steps in the graphic above, they work the same when the banks (LPS) do it with just a few  word changes to step 3 & 4.

Step Three:Homeowner Bank (LPS) files document with county recorder’s office, unrelated to foreclosure (the assignment they say they do not rely on to foreclose) but tied to the property. Sometimes the owner Bank (LPS) has paid a scammer Robo-Signer hundreds or even thousands of dollars (DOCX Price list) for phoney documents.

Step Four: “Clouded title” to the property stalls speeds foreclosure, but the homeowner Bank (LPS) could would not face criminal charges.


Fake filings aim to stall valley foreclosures, prosecutors say

STANISLAUS COUNTY — Authorities’ patience with people facing foreclosure — normally a sympathetic bunch, especially in the Central Valley where rates are sky high — wears thin when owners might be using illegal means to keep their homes.

Fraud investigators say they are seeing an emerging foreclosure rescue scheme in which desperate homeowners record phony documentsa felony — simply to stall losing property at public auction.

The cost of buying time can be steep: The homeowner typically pays a bundle of money for bogus forms and learning how to use them, often loses the property anyway and then faces criminal charges.

In the past couple of weeks, authorities have launched prosecutions against four Stanislaus County property owners. All were warned when investigators got wind that the owners might be up to something, but each returned later or sent someone else to try to file fake papers again.

“It comes to a point where enough is enough,” said Jeff Mangar, a prosecutor with the district attorney’s real estate fraud unit. “How many breaks can we give these people?”

Rest here…

The real question is, “How many breaks have you given the banks, LPS?”

Funny thing is we looked up “Bogus” in their land records and it appears they have a DOCX BOGUS ASSIGNEE Assignment filed (DOC # 0121530-00) in their county.

How’s that for being a hypocrite?

60 minutes on filing fake felonious papers below.

Maybe they could learn something about the “illegal means” the banks used to take the homes from the people…

DOCX (LPS) price list for “phoney” documents below…




DOCX Price List