Pro Bono Day Event / Occupy Our Homes Fort Lauderdale

Location: Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center, Rm 22A (may move after lunch to Rm. 3-1 of Main Courthouse)
175 NW First Avenue Miami, Florida
Time: 9am to closing of court

Summation of Event

In response to Miami-Dade County foreclosure court’s continual practice of placing expediency over justice and constitutional due process rights in handling its overwhelming caseload of predominantly fraud-based foreclosures, Occupy Our Homes Fort Lauderdale (OOHFtL), an autonomous group of activists which asserts housing as a human right rather than as a vehicle for bank and investor profits, calls on all social justice advocates throughout the region to stand with our allies in the legal profession this Monday, February 4, as they offer free legal services to foreclosure defendants. OOHFtL will be engaging a variety of supportive actions both outside and inside the courthouse. Participating attorneys will be representatives of an assortment of private and public service law groups based in south Florida.

OOHFtL, while not endorsing any specific providers of legal services, acknowledges the right to due process of any and all homeowners fighting foreclosure. Moreover, we urge all homeowners, foreclosure victims and those rendered dispossessed, unemployed and/or homeless due to the economic reality of our times, to stay in their homes and to unite in their communities to stand against the banks and investors who place profit before human need. What must be acknowledged is that the ongoing reality of historic numbers of foreclosures, itself, is a consequence of the systemically-enabled greed of lenders, banks and hedge funds, unchecked and enabled by governmental indifference or collusion. The impact of this crisis across the country, and nowhere more than in south Florida, has been mass financial devastation of families, neighborhoods and entire cities. The state led the nation with the highest rate of foreclosures in 2012.

A sustainable economy must be one which guarantees shelter for every human being, as opposed to the prevailing and unsustainable economics which only guarantees profits for the few, and which subjects all markets to the overriding objective of ensuring capital gain to the exclusion of basic human need.

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