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Time to speed up foreclosures in Florida

Not one single bank executive has gone to jail for the mortgage monkey business that collapsed our economy.That will go down as one of the great injustices of our lifetimes. Millions of people’s lives were turned upside down by the housing crash — jobs lost, home values wrecked, foreclosures filed.
And nobody held accountable. Despicable.

For that reason, I sympathize with homeowner advocates who complain that efforts to speed up the dreadfully slow foreclosure process in Florida are another way for banks to win while the little guy loses.

But here’s the reality: Prolonging the foreclosure process is simply drawing out Florida’s pain.

The best thing for this state would be to move foreclosures through the court system as quickly as possible so neighborhoods can move on.

Houses in foreclosure limbo end up with uncut grass and peeling paint. Or worse. Eventually they’re dumped in a fire sale.

These homes shackle whole neighborhoods struggling to push property values back into positive territory.

If foreclosures moved faster, then the homes would have less time to deteriorate and new families could move in sooner. Two things that would help neighborhoods.

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