Good vs Evil

“What if the drug cartels, as part of their plea deals with government attorneys, agreed to pay $5 million in fines. And what if government officials announced they were spending that money specifically on drug courts, hiring special judges and staff.”


Have Florida’s Courts Declared War Against Foreclosure Defense?

woke this morning to read a just issued court Order which reads like a partisan manifesto against foreclosure defense.  This long and detailed order makes many, many findings of fact and bends and twists to fit those facts into many different interpretations of law.  The order cites cases from long, long ago and from far, far away.  It’s quite incredible to read on order that cites case law from different states…especially when there’s a real deep body of case law from right here in the circuit.  And one’s legal analysis radar really start going off when an order is buried deep citing cases from decades ago….just after the turn of the century.  No, not this century, but the early 1900′s.

My read of this order gives me very serious concerns about whether defendants in foreclosure will get a fair and impartial shot before the court.  But this order is just another example of an alarming…and growing trend….I read in this order, and see in many policies currently being implemented in courts across the state, a real tilt in the balance of foreclosure, with courts deciding that they must


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