Rocket Docket Judge

The Reward For Bank Crime? The Foreclosure Rocket Docket, 1 Minute Per File! JUSTICE IS SERVED!

So how do you reward a master criminal enterprise that was allowed to flourish all across the country?

Well, attorney generals from 49 states sign an agreement where the masters of the enterprise agree to pay them a few dollars….and at least one attorney general rewards the criminal enterprises with their very own court system!

If you can handle the taste of your own vomit, have a little read of this REPORT FROM THE TRENCHES:

Miami-Dade started rocket foreclosure trials (one minute for uncontested cases and five minutes for contested cases) several months ago.  They have now begun in Palm Beach County and will soon start in Broward.   I’m sure other counties will soon fall in line.

This is a ruthless and efficient process to clear the docket of foreclosure cases, most grievously, funded by our work–part of Florida’s take of the foreclosure fraud settlement.

I went to observe on Tuesday.  About seventy trials were dispensed, all ending with a judgment and a sale date, in about an hour.  Several families were there, begging for justice.  Several foreclosure defense attorneys were there, and informed by the judge (retired due to aging out of judgeship per FL constitutional age limit and now back in the foreclosure senior judge employment program – my term), that they had to speed it up.  BoA robowitness could not answer any basic questions, had never processed a payment, had never supervised payment processing, and had only a rudimentary working knowledge of anything beyond what the printout from the servicer showed was owed.  Usually, this sort of fact witness would be disqualified but the judge overruled any attempt to have his testimony thrown out.

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