The Market Ticker – Why Do You Obey The Law When They Don’t Have To?

Yes, that’s the question to consider.

Why do you obey the law, when the largest financial institutions in the United States break the law at will?

Serious laws. ¬†Laws against, for example, money laundering for drug gangs — the same gangs that buy guns with that money and shoot innocent people.

These are the same supervisors and department (Treasury), I remind you, that run the BATFE.

These are laws that would land you or I in prison for decades were we to similarly violate them.

These institutions simply get a fine that they can (and do) lay off on their customers.

This is how civil wars occur — when injustice reaches the point that certain “big people” get to break the law with wild abandon while ordinary people violating the same or similar laws are arrested, indicted, tried, convicted and imprisoned.

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