Breaking and Entering

“The Williamson County Sheriff’s office, where the couple filed a report, agreed that while the situation wasn’t right, it wasn’t a crime. A detective told them it happens all the time.”


Foreclosure crew clears wrong Texas building

COUPLAND – Workers tasked with emptying a Central Texas home set for foreclosure instead dragged away a 16-foot boat, a backhoe, wedding dress and love letters from a neighbor’s barn.

The company, Ohio-based Safeguard Properties, acknowledged the mistake that occurred in broad daylight in December, but has yet to tell Mike and Janine Moors what happened to about $150,000 in possessions including family heirlooms and keepsakes.

“Are my things in storage somewhere?” Mike Moors, 53, an unemployed construction worker, said to the Austin American-Statesman ( ). “Have they sold it at auction? How do I explain to my wife that she may never get her wedding dress back? There were many other heirlooms taken that are priceless.”

Diane Roman Fusco, a company spokeswoman, said information about the case is confidential. Meanwhile, Mike and Janine Moors said they haven’t been told anything either.

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