Foreclosure in Florida, 2013- When Judges All Across The State Forgot About The Constitution… (And More of the Dark Side to Senate Bill 1666)

Oh Dear God, here comes that Weidner again….coming into a courtroom making all these arguments about The Law and what the banks did wrong and fraud and all that…blah, blah, blah…doesn’t he know….we’re all over it?

That’s certainly what I think the internal dialog sounds like when I walk into a courtroom these days.

And so, just to mix things up a bit…and out of respect to the judges, I’m going to switch gears….back to the basics….back to law school.

You see, when I went to law school, one of the first classes I took was Constitutional Law.  I thought that it was a required class for every lawyer, going back for decades.  And while we didn’t study Florida’s Constitution specifically, the same principles articulated in the US Constitution are found in Florida’s.

One of the bedrock, black and white principles articulated in both…and hell, it’s so basic it’s taught to every American kid in elementary school…is that the three branches of government are separate….and equal.  I thought this applied in Florida’s courts, in fact I was certain that it did….but I’m apparently mistaken.

Rest here…