Action Alert

Important Action Alert on Proposed Bank-Friendly Foreclosure Laws HB 87 & SB 1666

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families affected by the attack at the Boston Marathon.  While it can be difficult to focus on anything beyond the horrifying attack and those fellow Americans who were injured or killed in one of America’s most historic cities, our clients’ causes and pursuit of justice are never far from our mind.  To that end, please allow this e-mail to serve as an update on the progress of the Florida foreclosure bills.  If these bills pass, there will most likely be long-lasting, harmful effects on the people of Florida.

Another vote on the foreclosure bills was held yesterday, and as expected, unfortunately, the Senators passed it 6-2.  There is still one more House vote and two more Senate votes before these bills go for “floor votes”.  If both floor votes end up passing the bills, then they will be merged into one bill which will be sent to Governor Rick Scott’s desk for him to approve or veto. Rick Scott has already publically indicated that, if the bill reaches his desk, he WILL sign to approve.

These bills are heavily favored by lobbyists and the financial and title insurance industries they represent, not by any grassroots citizen groups!  These industries want our government to give banks the green light to take the homes of Floridians in a faster, easier process while whitewashing the banks’ rampant filings of false documents and disregard for the rule of law.  Therefore, it is imperative that you continue to take action each week.  This week, we are sending out a new list of Florida lawmakers that are voting on the bill this week.

Unless there is stronger and more vocal citizen opposition, the results make it very clear that these bills are going to pass with flying colors.   Please take ten minutes to call EACH Senator and to send one bulk email to them to VOTE NO ON SB-1666 and to send one bulk email to the House Representatives on the Appropriations Committee who are also voting on their version of the bill (HB87) this week. Be sure to give your name, county, and zip code.  Thank you!  This affects your home and your property in Florida!


Please place a quick call to the Senators below.  Leave a short message “Please tell the Senator to VOTE NO ON SB-1666.  I strongly oppose Senate Bill 1666!  My name is __________.  I live in ________ county, Florida.  My zip code is __________.”


Subject : VOTE NO ON SENATE BILL 1666 (remember to include your name, county, and zip code) – please email in bulk, and if you have time, please call their offices.  Calls are logged and reported to the lawmakers.




If you have time, please place a quick call to the Representatives below.  Leave a short message “Please tell the Representative to VOTE NO ON HB-87.  I strongly oppose House Bill 87!  My name is __________.  I live in ________ county, Florida.  My zip code is __________.”




EMAILS LISTED FOR EASY COPY & PASTE INTO A BULK EMAIL TO THE REPRESENTATIVES,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,


Thank you for your efforts,