The complaints came from homeowners, mortgage companies and neighbors of the properties Safeguard managed. Between January and August of 2009, Kubovcik logged 682 such cases, according to his records, or about 85 per month. During the first three months of 2010, the pace increased to nearly 100 a month. The records show that more than two dozen mortgage companies hired Safeguard to perform work that led to a complaint. Citigroup, HSBC and Aurora Loan Services (now part of Nationstar) are the most frequent clients named in the records.”


Safeguard Properties Internal Documents Reveal Rampant Complaints Of Thefts, Break-Ins

Outside in the world, Safeguard Properties was supposed to be protecting millions of homes that had slid into foreclosure, shoring up and repairing abandoned properties for the banks that were responsible for tending to all this real estate gone bad.

But inside the offices of Safeguard’s complaint department, Kevin Kubovcik says he gained a starkly different perspective on his company’s pursuits as allegations of incompetence, malevolence and larceny rolled in day after day.

People with legal title to their property called to complain that Safeguard contractors had broken into their homes and carted off family heirlooms, valuable artwork and weapons, he recalled. People living next door to foreclosed properties complained that Safeguard mixed up the addresses and locked them out of their own homes.

Complaints came in seemingly without end. “I’d pick up the phone, put it down, and then it would ring again,” Kubovcik said.

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