Star Chamber Unfair

Florida’s New Foreclosure Legislation, Secret Star Chamber Proceedings….

In the final hours of the 2013 Legislative Session, Florida’s elected leaders snuck through foreclosure legislation that is ill-conceived, poorly executed and which is an impermissible intrusion into the authority and independence of the judicial branch.   This legislation was driven by an entirely false assertion: that our courts and our existing laws are not functioning properly.  Then, throughout the entirety of the legislative session, one false statement more than any other was repeated over and over to support the alleged need for this new foreclosure legislation: the allegation that it takes more than 857 days to complete a foreclosure in Florida.  That statement is false and misleading, but was repeated over and over again by staff and supports of this bill.  Legislation founded on falsehoods should never be allowed to stand.

Like so many of the laws made by Florida’s Republican-controlled legislature, the foreclosure reform sells out families and voters in favor of the corporations and special interests that own our state’s lawmaking process.  The bill benefits the corrupt banks and institutions that recently admitted gross and systematic wrongdoing in two nationwide settlements.  Florida’s elected leaders, rather than using the admissions of wrongdoing in those settlements as the basis for demanding more protection for Florida consumers instead passed legislation that rewards their wrongdoing.

There are four aspects of this new law which are particularly problematic and which the Defenders of Consumer Justice will seek appellate court review:

1)      Finality of Foreclosure

2)      Pay Your Accuser

3)      Get Out NOW!

4)      Secret, Star Chamber Proceedings

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