“Please Take Me”

One of the most heartbreaking sides of the foreclosure crisis is the separation of people from their pets.  The fortunate among us are able to take our pets with us when we’re forced to move. Others find a temporary home for their animal friends until they can be reunited again under better circumstances. Sadly, some are left with no choice but to say goodbye to their pets and find them another home.

I dedicate this poem to my two beloved golden retrievers on their 9th birthday. Their love and loyalty has made my road far less difficult.

“Please Take Me”

I sense you’re worried
What will we do?
Please think of me
It was my home too

I remember my training
How you taught me to “stay”
But now I’m willing to leave
As long as I go your way

Now I choose you
Like you chose me
Let’s face this together
Please take me

When family and friends
Were in short supply
I comforted you
Never left your side

We’ll find another place
With a roof and four walls
But you can never replace
Your friend with four paws

They can take away a home
Not memories
We’ll make new ones together
Please take me

Bent but not broken
We can start anew
I can sleep anywhere
If it’s next to you

I dream of a new place
With a yard where I can roam
We only need  each other
To make any house a home

You provide care and shelter
I give love and loyalty
Things are bound to get better
If you’ll only take me

By Wrongedfellow