Arizona Homeowners Losing their Homes to Foreclosure Through Forged Documents

The ABC15 Investigators sat down with Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne to find out.


We were surprised to hear Horne characterize the use of forged documents as a “shortcut.”

“Maybe a document was signed, somebody signed someone else’s name as a shortcut, but in the underlying transaction, there was no injustice,” Horne said.

Referring to the homeowner facing foreclosure, Horne said, “That person didn’t pay.

The ABC15 Investigators pressed Horne on why the laws against forgery and fraud don’t seem to apply equally.

“If the homeowner is going to come in and fight their foreclosure and forge their own documents, they are going to jail,” we said. “So I don’t think they are going to be so sympathetic to your argument that the underlying premise is that they still didn’t pay. Because many of these people did pay and they were still foreclosed on with fraudulent documents.”

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