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Objection overruled – Mitigating electronic signature risks explained

Published 09/04/2012 by Melanie AttiaLaw and Order with e-Signatures Electronically signed documents that comply with requirements under the federally mandated Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and the state enacted Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) can not be denied validity merely because they are electronic. It’s the law. Both ESIGN and UETA define an “electronic signature” […]


Published 08/23/2012 by Melanie Attia


Moving business processes and approvals online without introducing new risks is not a simple task. While the ESIGN Act grants electronically signed records the same legal status as paper records, it is no guarantee that they will be admitted into court as evidence or that they will provide adequate defense in the event of a […]

Silanis “Black Belt” Talks About E-Signature Security

Published 11/01/2011 by Mary-Ellen PowerIf anyone has ever told you that an electronic signature is as simple as designing an “I Agree” button into a web page, think again. That may be true for a simple software license agreement (shrink-wrap/boilerplate contracts). But to bring complex, regulated, customer-facing transactions online without putting your organization at risk, you need to think […]

Published 04/13/2011 by Mary-Ellen Power

Creating trillions of dollars in revenues, life insurance is a massive industry. It’s also extremely complex, requiring compliance with a large number of stringent laws and constantly changing regulations that can vary from state to state, and certainly from country to country. As the most selected e-signature vendor for the North American insurance market, Silanis […]