Foreclosure Defense Trial SECRETS EXPOSED! A Transcript of a Foreclosure Trial That Shows How A Homeowner Wins Foreclosure!


I wanted to share some excerpts from a recent foreclosure trial. These things are not for the feint of heart. The risks are huge….for the homeowner…and the deck is often stacked against us.  It’s like walking into a gunfight armed with nothing but a switchblade.  But it reveal quite a bit about the foreclosure process in Florida, about foreclosure defense, foreclosure laws and shows that foreclosure defense is not about foreclosure delay, but showing the facts in how a foreclosure defense attorney can win a foreclosure case.

Most foreclosure cases are very technically difficult for the Plaintiff, if a judge wants to fairly apply the rules of evidence and procedure…

if a judge wants to fairly apply the rules of evidence and procedure

This is the real challenge in a foreclosure trial….getting the court to believe that a homeowner in foreclosure is entitled to the same due process  protections as an accused child molester or murder. Put more plainly, most rulings by a judge are judgement calls and far too often, what we see in foreclosure is the calls falling in favor of the banks.  The challenge is getting a judge to believe he owes just as much due process to my clients, as he would to those who are accused of the most heinous crimes.

And now onto the foreclosure trial, starting with the bank witness:

Check it out here…