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 Brothers Kicked Out Of School After Becoming Homeless

Two students who were kicked out of school after becoming homeless will temporarily be allowed back in their Pennsylvania district until a judge makes a final ruling on their case.

The two brothers -– whose names have not been released to the public -– were expelled from the Eastern Area School District earlier this month because they currently live outside the district in a camping trailer, according to local outlet The Morning Call. The district’s actions directly contradict the McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, which says that homeless children who live in “motels, hotels, trailer parks, or camping grounds” outside their district are allowed remain in the school they attended prior to becoming displaced.

The special education students, who are in 8th and 12th grade, were displaced after their home was foreclosed on in 2011, local outlet The Express-Times reported. The family was previously told in 2011 that the boys could remain enrolled the district, where their mother works part-time.

However, after the school district decided that the trailer constituted an adequate home, officials decided to bar the boys from their previous school, according to The Express-Times. The family subsequently sought legal help, and last week a federal judge said the district must re-enroll the students until a formal decision is issued.

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