Breaking and Entering

The tenants, who paid rent to the owner, sued after their belongings were tossed outside and destroyed and police barred them from the home. Deutsche Bank says the foreclosure ended the tenants’ lease, it played no role in evicting them, and loan servicers are responsible for dealing with renters.”


Deutsche Bank Says Landlord Ruling May Flood Courts

Deutsche Bank AG (DBK) may learn today whether it will get a chance to overturn a California court ruling that exposes it to wrongful-eviction claims the bank says will depress prices in foreclosure sales and spur lawsuits against innocent homebuyers. (like they give a shit about innocent homebuyers)

An appeals court in San Jose, in the first such ruling in the U.S., said in January that Deutsche Bank can be sued in state court for violating a federal tenant-protection law. Two renters sued over their eviction from a foreclosed home the Frankfurt-based company acquired in 2009 as trustee for a mortgage-backed security that contained a loan on the property.

Deutsche Bank, along with bankers’ groups in California and Nevada, told the California Supreme Court the ruling may jeopardize the economic recovery as lenders and investors weigh the risks of buying properties that house unwanted tenants, are subject to leases, or are vulnerable to lawsuits brought by renters evicted by paid middlemen.

“The risk of being declared a landlord, when there was no knowledge of a tenancy at the time of sale, could have a chilling effect on bidding at the foreclosure sale,” Charles McKenna, the bank’s attorney, said in a petition asking the state high court to overturn the decision of the three-judge appeals panel. The San Francisco-based court may decide as soon as today whether to review the ruling.

Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., a U.S. unit of Europe’s largest investment bank, was the beneficiary of the deed of trust securing the loan on the property in Sunnyvale, California. Deutsche Bank, as trustee, acquired the home, which had a two-bedroom garage rental unit, after the owner defaulted on the mortgage.

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Nativi v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Co