Ponzi Lie

Have you been a pawn in Wall Street’s mortgage Ponzi scheme?

Join us Wednesday, July 30th, 2014 at 9am at Circuit Courthouse,

350 E. Marion St., Punta Gorda, for a Rally Against The Banks!

Have you lost your job because they crashed the housing market?

Have you lost your home or are you struggling to hold on because huge financial interests have

played fast and loose with the rules of their game?

Have you been the victim of “rocket dockets,” banks’ lawyers’ preferential treatment by the

courts, fraudulent eviction notices with false signatures and falsified documents?

Are you ready to give up and believe that voting doesn’t make any difference at all?

Well, usually you are right. But in November 2014 you do have a choice at the polls to

elect two men who have experienced some of what has hurt you.

Ronald Gillis is in court defending his home against two different financial institutions that

claim his mortgage. In their head long rush to make obscene profits, banks bundled mortgages

and sold them as investments. In their hurry the process got so messed up that no one was quite

sure who owed what to whom. After they made huge profits, the bottom fell out, the banks were

bailed out by you and me, and then they came hunting for the properties they claimed they

owned with phony documents, faked signatures, and false claims.

Ron has stood against this malfeasance and demanded that they play by the rules. And he is

running for the State House in District 75 as an independent, NPA (no party affiliation)

candidate against an opponent that voted against the interests of homeowners and accepted

contributions from a law firm being sued for millions by the FDIC.

Will Bronson was employed by a major airline for 25 years. After retirement he was advised

that his pension and health insurance no longer existed. Now he is running for US Congress for

a second time in Florida’s 17th Congressional District against Tom Rooney. Bronson says that

we have to stop sending millionaires to Washington who do the bidding of billionaires if we

want to get the country working for the average American again. “We need people in office

who have some empathy with those who live paycheck to paycheck and who will go to bat for

the middle class who keep getting fleeced by huge multinational corporations.”

For more information on Ron Gillis go to: http://rongillis4staterep75.com/ or call (941) 613-9895.

For more information on Will Bronson go to: www.BronsonForCongress.com or call (239) 369-3346

Paid for by the Bronson For Congress Committee, PO Box 1507, Lehigh Acres, FL 33970

Approved by Ronald Gillis, Non-Party Candidate for Florida State Representative District 75