Foreclosure Zombie

Zombie Properties: Abandoned Homes Stuck in Limbo // Video, Database, Photo Gallery

PARKER — Most zombies seem to have some type of deformity.

They limp after their human counterparts on “The Walking Dead” usually with one arm roughly severed or an eye missing from its socket, forced to linger in a perpetual state of decay.

Zombie properties, as code enforcement officers call them, take on a similar aesthetic.

The property at 4529 U.S. 98 in Parker was stuck in the living-dead limbo between property owners for three years. In that time, the yard grew wild and the roof began to collapse. A property at 522 State 22 is equally grown up, but at least the structure is intact.

“I would not walk through without snake boots,” Parker Code Enforcement Officer Deena Brannon said.

Parker had about 40 of these properties earlier this month.

But that small city is not alone; abandoned, bank-owned properties are the top problem facing Bay County code enforcement officers.

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