“While the case itself may have a lot at stake, very few hearings and motions have the entire case hanging in the balance,” Ice said. “With unbundling, if you do have a hearing that is complex or has a lot at stake, such as a summary judgment hearing, you can bring in the attorney for that one piece.”


LegalYou: Is This The Future for Law Firms? Ice Legal Rolling Out Innovative Legal Representation Option

If Thomas Ice has his way, lay people with limited budgets and no knowledge of Latin could soon find Florida courtrooms a lot less intimidating.

So much so, they’ll be comfortable enough to face off against seasoned attorneys without fear of being outmaneuvered, Ice hopes.

“The profession generally has a vested interest in having the public believe that law and court procedure are so complex and arcane that years of education and training are required to be proficient,” the Royal Palm Beach attorney said. “To whatever extent that’s true, that’s what the court system needs to change. … But in many situations, that is not true. Not every hearing in every case requires a veteran lawyer, just like not every repair job around the house requires a professional builder.”

The outspoken foreclosure defense attorney, who charges flat fees for some cases, is disrupting the status quo with an innovation that could change the delivery of legal services.

Ice’s LegalYou program is set to launch online in December with dozens of educational videos, legal forms, tutorials, discussion forums and other tools designed to help users navigate courthouses, understand legal procedure and lay the groundwork to represent themselves with guidance from attorneys.

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