LegalYou: The Ultimate Self-Help Legal Resource is Live!

It’s here. It’s finally here. And no, we don’t mean your cheese of the month delivery. We mean THE ULTIMATE SELF-HELP LEGAL RESOURCE. And that all-caps is deliberate. Because we’re talking about LegalYou here, our seismic contribution to online law—born out of tireless efforts, emboldened purpose and an overdue need to empower the people regarding access-to-justice. We couldn’t be more excited.

LegalYou is designed to be a game-changer. By putting the legal advantage back in your hands, we’re rebuilding a system that is for the people, by the people. Novel idea, isn’t it? An understanding of our country’s court systems—all its workings, its structures, its ins and outs, its lingo—is not a privilege reserved for the academic few. It is your right. And LegalYou is here to make sure of that.

If you’re one of the eager folks who have been following our progress up to now, you might already know a little about what LegalYou is bringing to the table.

But whether you’re chomping at the bit or just discovering us, here’s a recap of some of the incredible features available to you as a user of LegalYou:

  • Access to a wealth of legal knowledge (written in plain, non-confusing-lawyer-speak English)
  • An extensive support system to help you make sense of and apply that knowledge
  • Our unique legal document creation and management service – which allows you to create, edit and download the documents you need. For FREE!
  • An entire library of short, accessible, humorous animated videos describing a wide range of legal terminology, procedures and general advice. For FREE! Yet again!
  • And if you’re really stumped, confused or preferential to direct human contact, we provide unbundled, as-you-need-it help from an actual lawyer. It’s easily accessible through the LegalYou platform. The idea/best part? You only pay for the advice you require. No more. What a concept!

LegalYou was conceived, designed and equipped to make you totally self-sufficient in court. We’re talking a legal independence you never even knew you could have!

So, what are you waiting for? You could have been revolutionizing law already. Head over to LegalYou and have a look around. Get lost in it. Because the next time you have to go to court, you’ll be happy that you did!


Team You (aka LegalYou)