The Funnest (And Possibly Only) Courthouse Mystery Game in the Whole Universe…


The Funnest (And Possibly Only) Courthouse Mystery Game in the Whole Universe…

The law isn’t a game. Sure. But learning the law can totally be. How, you ask? Has someone finally invented a way to combine volleyball and law school? Well, not exactly.

But a certain revolutionary legal website has effectively merged the meaningful knowledge you need to be self-sufficient in court with a fun challenge that’s as captivating as any pastime out there (we’re looking at you, horseshoes!).

In other words, LegalYou has created THE MAGICAL MYSTERY COURTHO– USE TOUR—an online game that not only passes the time by entertaining the heck out of you, but engages your mind and fills it with crucial information regarding substantive and procedural law. In addition, learn about where and when dozens of our country’s most important trials were showcased, and about the aesthetics, architecture and stories behind our arenas of justice: United States courthouses.

If this was all The Magical Mystery Courthouse Tour offered, it would still probably be the best diversion of your day. But LegalYou has upped the ante and offered prizes as you earn game badges. Prizes such as gift cards for Starbucks (caffeine, yay!), the movies (where dreams are made!) and much more (which is always awesome!). Bottom line: this game is a friend with serious benefits.

Oh, nearly forgot that successfully completing the game also brings glory, wisdom, bragging rights, and greatest of all: an official LegalYou hat! Yes, for your head!

You probably already know about the vast legal resources LegalYou brings to the people. But now enlightening, interactive entertainment too? It’s almost not fair.

Ready to get your courthouse on? Of course you are. Head over to LegalYou.


Team You (aka LegalYou)


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