“It’s a threat because at night it’s very spooky”


Zombie Foreclosures: They can be a Death Trap

Seminole, FL — It could be the house next door or right down the road.  An empty, rundown house known as a “zombie foreclosure.”  One family in Seminole says they live next to one and it’s more than an eyesore.  They say it could be a death trap.

“It’s a hazard.  Clearly, you can see it’s a hazard,” said Ron Stevenson.

Stevenson showed us around the outdoor area of 9080 St. Andrews Drive.  There are dead trees, piles of debris and an uncovered pool filled with dark green water.

“My son, yeah, he’s been back in here before,” Stevenson said.

His 7-year-old son is autistic and nonverbal.  Stevenson said he found his son near the pool and panicked.

“Well, all kinds of thoughts run through your head, all kinds of different scenarios.  Luckily, nothing happened, but it scared me and it scared my wife as well and my mother,” Stevenson explained.

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