After house foreclosure, family abandons 2 senior dogs

How tragic for Olive and Opal; two senior dogs who thought their loyalty and love was enough to keep them together when their human companions moved away in April. The two bonded girls waited on the front porch on East Lake Road in McDonough, Georgia for at least a week; sure their family would return for them. Dogs don’t understand the word “foreclosure” nor should it be their death sentence.

Betsy, a volunteer with Friends of Henry Animals, went by the home daily to check on the two.

“… I went by daily and checked on them during the abandonment posting period. We had cookies and got to know each other. They are scared and confused. We hope someone will open their hearts to the girls and let them retire together in peace.”

Both dogs are very depressed as they seem to have finally given up hope their family will ever return. Olive (ID# 3/31-0491) is a scruffy small cream terrier mixed female. Opal (ID# 3/31-0490) is a white German shepherd older female. A Facebook page for the girls can be found here. Additional photos of Olive and Opal can be found here. On Sunday, an update was posted to Facebook followers – hoping someone can pull off a miracle for two sweet dogs who have done nothing wrong. Please share their plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives.

Friends of Henry Animals: “Opal and Olive will have this week only and will be euthanized. Opal is suffering on the concrete and can hardly get up. Olive never leaves her side. The girls are 13 & 14 and just want to retire in peace together. Wish we could have made that happen. Betsy.”

For adoption information about Olive and Opal, contact Henry County Animal Control in McDonough, Georgia. Email: The shelter is located at 527 Hampton Rd, McDonough, GA 30253. Phone:(770) 288-7387 As per social media, there are current offers for vetting assistance, full transport fees and sponsorship.