DED: Detroit Activists Fight to Stop Evictions

Jeanette Shannon was evicted from her Detroit home on June 3 after a protracted fight with fraudulent real estate interests and local courts that favor predatory lenders and banks.

This was a test case for the Detroit Eviction Defense (DED) coalition and other anti-foreclosure activists in the city. In similar attempted evictions during 2012 in another section of northwest Detroit, police had either withdrawn, saying it was a civil matter, or stayed away, allowing the situation to be resolved by activists through political pressure and negotiations with the courts and banks.

This time the eviction was viewed by 100 people, who turned back the dreaded dumpsters twice in two days. But the struggle to save Shannon’s home revealed further the political character of the administration of corporate-imposed Mayor Mike Duggan.

Duggan’s police officials provided protection for the bailiff and the contract laborers hired to break into the home, trash the property and dispose of Shannon’s household belongings in a dumpster parked in an alleyway next to the house.

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