Dear Home Defender,

First off, thank you for signing the petition to stop the destruction of 302 Museum Square homes in DC! With your efforts, along with many others, tenants have been able to remain in their homes. As you may know 50% of the remaining Chinese population of DC’s Chinatown live in the Museum Square complex. Tenants are literally fighting for their homes and a community that they and their ancestors built.

Their fight is not over. The owner continues to do everything in his power to displace residents despite the fact that the complex is very profitable. Why? Because the very rich owner would like to extract event more wealth from the community by putting tenants out, knocking the building down, and building super luxury condos.

Today Tenants are asking for your help, and we hope you answer the call! If you live near DC please spread the word about their rally Tuesday June 14th at 10am!

If you’re outside DC we REALLY need to tweet and tweet and tweet! Below are some sample tweets we put together for you. Can we count on you to spread the word?


You can’t build #DC by knocking it down. #MuseumSquare tenants in DC Chinatown fight 2 remain http://bit.ly/1LjUMat  #SaveOurHomes @HUDgov

#EthnicCleansing is alive and well in #DC. Stop the #MuseumSquare demolition! #SaveOurHomes http://bit.ly/1LjUMat @HUDgov

302 families being forced from their homes so a rich guy can get richer? http://bit.ly/1LjUMat  #SaveOurHomes @HUDgov