Select Portfolio Servicing Force-Placed Insurance Class Action Lawsuit

For all borrowers in the United States who, within the Class Period (July 11, 2010 through Oct. 15, 2015), were charged by a SPS under hazard LPI Policy for residential property and who, within the class period either paid to SPS the net Premium for that LPI Policy or did not pay SPS the Net Premium for that LPI Policy, then you are eligible for a potential award from the Select Portfolio Servicing Forced Planned Insurance Class Action Lawsuit! According to the lawsuit, SPS force-placed insurance on borrowers’ property in such a way that SPS received an unauthorized benefit. SPS denies all acts of wrongdoings but agreed to settle the forced-placed insurance class action to avoid the cost and risk of trial. So if you are eligible, file a claim no earlier than 7/25/2016 to receive your potential award!

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