“The judge’s decision “sends a message to the Connecticut state marshals that they have duties and obligations to defendants when they act,” Hassett said.”


Foreclosed: Judge Holds State Marshal Accountable for Evicted Homeowner’s Missing Belongings

A Superior Court judge said state law does not give state marshals the right to ‘dispose of the personal property of the person subject to ejectment other than to store it in a designated facility.’

Barbara McLoughlin had already suffered one devastating blow when she lost her home in Bristol to foreclosure. But then the state marshals came to evict her.

McLoughlin was preparing to move and came home from work to find her car and everything she owned cleared out, said Ray Hassett, her attorney with Hassett & George. She was left without her home and bereft of everything she owned.

The loss of all her personal property, including the uniform her father wore in World War I and her mother’s jewelry, started McLoughlin on a legal quest that tested for the first time in Connecticut whether a state marshal has a duty to protect the property of the people they evict.

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