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Comparing and Contrasting the Similarities & Differences
Between the Foreclosure Defense Battles Around America & more…

We welcome back to the show our Special Guests, Lou Brydges (Episode 22) and Randy Ackley (Episode 37)….
two American attorneys on the leading edge of consumer and foreclosure defense…

About Our Guest Louis W. Brydges, Jr. Esq.:

A native of Illinois, Louis W. Brydges, Jr. is a 1973 graduate of Lake Forest Academy; received his Bachelors of Arts from Emory University in 1977 with a Major in History and Political Science; and his Juris Doctor from the Emory University College of Law in 1980. With over 3 decades of service under his belt, Lou is an experienced foreclosure defense lawyer on the front line of mortgage defense and litigation; dedicated to helping homeowners keep their property. His battle cry is -Never give up the land!- He understands both the legal and practical options available in the foreclosure process especially navigating the sometimes hostile environment of the courts. Last time, on Episode 22 of our show, Lou taught us about strategies and tools to challenge even the most difficult bank lawyers. Lou feels his mission and duty are to provide relief and customized solutions to homeowners in danger of foreclosure through skilled, experienced, and passionate legal representation. He refuses to sit by and watch -justice sacrificed on the alter of expediency-. His long-running weekly radio program, The Consumer Advocate Hour – Hosted by Lou Brydges; can be heard on Saturdays at 8:00 AM on WIND-AM 560 and 5:00 PM on WYLL-AM 1160. You can find Lou and his team at his law firm of Brydges & Oh and Associates in Libertyville Illinois.

About Our Guest: James R. Ackley, Esq.:

Also a native of Illinois, James R. Ackley (who prefers to go by Randy) received his Bachelors of Science from the University of Miami in 1982 with a double major in Marine Science and Geology, and continued on at University of Miami School of Law to receive his Doctor of Law in 1985 with honors. Randy is one of those unique people that runs toward disasters to see how he can help, instead of fleeing.  His 29 years of experience has taken him around the world with the International Red Cross dealing with legal and humanitarian disasters, giving him insights and problem solving skills which are second to none. Last time, on Episode 37 of our show, Randy took us on a trip through the nature and construction of Unconscionable Contracts – those David & Goliath types of deals where one side is so large and intimidating; the other side simply must agree or be out in the cold. While a Senior Trial Attorney at Ice Legal, P.A., Randy was part of the team that broke open the -robo-signer- scandal in Florida foreclosure cases, exposing that heinous behavior by lenders and servicing companies. Always fighting for the rights of homeowners and others injured by lenders, servicers and large corporations, he strives to -speak truth to power!- He can be found at his law firm in West Palm Beach Florida, The Law Offices of James R. Ackley.

Be prepared for a vigorous and charismatic interchange between two lawyers who hold nothing back when it comes to defending the American Homeowner!