Ocwen Employee admits she “Creates needed Documents”

Courtesy of Livinglies.com

Yesterday, we did have a good laugh. While doing some preliminary research on a “corrective” Assignment of Deed of Trust, we did a little background on an employee at Ocwen who had signed the assignment.  We discovered a profile for the document signer Amber K. Wilson on the Linked-in website.

It appears that Amber K. Wilson has been a Servicing Operations Specialist at Ocwen since May 2015. Located in Iowa, Amber was looking for an, “entry level position that offers internal growth potential” and requires that she, “be able to be a leader as well as follow instructions.” It looks like she may have landed her dream job as a Servicing Operations Specialist at Ocwen Loan Servicing. There is no doubt that she has job security in the burgeoning field of document fabrication, or that she can follow instructions by signing deceptive documents by the thousands.

According to her profile on Linked-in, Ms. Wilson says her current duties include, Researching Mortgage Documents to verify a full Chain of Title is present. If it is not create the needed Documents (sic). Work from Excel Spread Sheet daily as well as several internal data programs.” Is Amber K. Wilson admitting on a public website that Ocwen Loan Servicing  creates documents to create a “proper Chain of Title” if there are errors?

It is fraudulent to recreate a chain of assignment with fabricated documents to create the appearance the current servicer has standing.

And, to make it even more interesting, it appears that Amber’s background made her a perfect candidate for the position.

Amber operates a side business called Amber Wilson Imagery so she may have an eye for detail.

Or, better put, a Photoshop expert…

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