Toxic Spray

Warning – that I will personally hold each and every party who attempting sale this property in the face of egregious fraud/criminally responsible

This is notice to your firm that the property you are attempting to sell at the address of 3753 Thomas Cross Road, in Sevierville, Tennessee, 37876 is the subject of litigation and has been for a number of years. There is a Lis pendens filed giving all ample notice that a law suit has been filed (with more to come) of which the title is clouded and in question, especially with new evidence obtained showing nefarious illegal conduct of many local parties working in concert and illegal straw activity at the onset of origination—involving the transfer of only lien and not title, depriving me of hundreds of thousands of dollars and through a syndicated illegal ring involving domestic and foreign entities though started by just a few at origination. There is massive evidentiary material as the records speak for themselves and I am cooperating with various authorities of which this is soon to be exposed widely as this was not a simple foreclosure and involves much more.


Good luck new buyer…