Breaking and Entering

“The police said they were told that the mortgage company more or less made a mistake. The mortgage company had contracted with the company that broke into my home to see if the home was vacant. But the home was not vacant, nor had the bank ever started any foreclosure proceedings.”


Bamboozled: Bank unlawfully breaks into home, lawsuit says

Steven Kenner came home to a nasty surprise after a two-week vacation in Florida.

Papers were strewn about the house. Cabinets were left open. Cigarette butts were ground into the floor. A lock on the door to the laundry room had been tampered with.

Kenner, 71, thought his East Hanover home had been burglarized.

But what actually happened may have been worse.

It wasn’t a burglar.

Instead, Kenner’s mortgage lender hired subcontractors to break into Kenner’s home as part of efforts to see if the home was vacant or abandoned, according to a lawsuit filed by Kenner against Citizens Bank, Citizens One Home Mortgage, subsidiaries of the bank and its subcontractors. The suit was filed in May in Morris County Superior Court.

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