Buyer of Foreclosed Home Finds Body of Former Owner

FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) You buy a home, you go check it out, then you find a body in the bedroom. That was one southern Colorado man’s reality.

No one knows how long she’s been there, but officials told 11 News it had been “awhile.”

Neighbors on both sides of the home in Fountain where the woman lived said they have been concerned about her for a long time. Her husband died 15 months ago. And then, neighbors said, they stopped seeing her around the neighborhood.

The woman was found when the new owner walked into the home.

“Everything is intact. Like your toothbrush is there, your soap dish is there, and again, we always find them, but not in their own place,” said real estate investor Hootan Emami, who bought the home.

It was foreclosed because the payments hadn’t been made in several months.

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