Actor Stephen Baldwin is Fighting to Save his New York Home From Being Sold Off at a Public Auction

Actor Stephen Baldwin is fighting to save his New York home from foreclosure after being accused of owing the bank more than $1million in years of unpaid mortgage payments.

Baldwin has headed to court to demand the case be thrown out and is accusing Deutsche Bank of refusing to negotiate with him and not even owning the promissory note to his Nyack, New York, property.

The actor claims the bank ‘lacks standing to bring the action, as Plaintiff does not have clear chain of title for the mortgage and promissory note’, which is a legal document in which a person promises to repay his or her loan to the lender.

In 2013, Deutsche Bank filed a foreclosure lawsuit against Baldwin and his wife, Kennya, accusing them of defaulting on their loan by failing to make payments.

The bank headed back to court in June to demand the actor and his family be ordered to vacate their Nyack home and allow a foreclosure on the property.

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