Lawyer Turns Sleuth in Effort to Find Mystery Man Behind Bogus Firm

Editors note: Don’t any of you foreclosure fighters out there get any crazy ideas now…

A law firm that has been trying to track down whoever registered a phony firm with a near-identical name still hasn’t corralled the “James Berger” who started the bogus outfit, but it may be getting closer—and, according to a recent filing, it’s also apparently not alone in trying to locate the mystery man.

As reported in April, Shapiro Pendergast & Hasty LLP, which specializes in foreclosure-related services, filed suit in Fulton County Superior Court claiming that a “bogus firm” calling itself Shapiro Pendergast & Hasty LLLP and claiming to be a limited liability limited partnership had registered with the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office last year.

The bogus firm was registered by a James Berger, who listed himself as both general partner and registered agent, and who claimed two suites at downtown’s Hurt Building, Nos. 924 and 942, as the respective addresses of himself and the firm. The Daily Report confirmed that neither suite exists, and that James Berger was not a tenant of the building.

The firm said that at least one legal action meant for it had been misdirected to the bogus firm, using a Johnson Ferry Road address for Berger as the firm’s registered agent.

Neither the former nor current tenants of that address had any knowledge of Berger, and the building manager had no record of him, the firm’s recent filing said.

The firm’s complaint said it only learned of its evil twin because of another suit which misstated where it was to be served.

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