Do More Heads Need to Roll at Wells Fargo?

More than 5,000 Wells Fargo employees have been fired as a result of a scandal involving phony bank accounts. But do the CEO or other senior executives need to be let go too?

Wells Fargo is paying $185 million in fines after the Los Angeles City Attorney and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau found that Wells Fargo employees had secretly set up new fake bank and credit card accounts in order to meet sales targets.

In some cases, Wells Fargo customers were hit with overdraft fees and other charges because their money had been unknowingly moved from their regular account to a fake one.

The CFPB said Thursday that the practice was “widespread.” But how “widespread” remains to be seen. During the past decade, only a few top executives at many U.S. and European banks have lost their jobs due to numerous scandals going back to the financial crisis.

Several big banks inflated the value of mortgage-backed securities on their books. And some major banks coordinated to manipulate the Libor lending rate and foreign exchange rates, for example.

But the Wells Fargo (WFC) scandal impacts thousands of average people a lot more directly than these instances of fraud. Imagine having to pay a fee because someone took your money and moved it somewhere else! The outrage is justifiable.

So it’s fair to wonder why some of Wells Fargo’s highest-paid employees are not taking more responsibility and why no one is taking the fall.

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