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Pinellas Commission Creates Foreclosure Registry

PINELLAS COUNTY – The Pinellas County Commission voted Tuesday (Oct. 11) to require the registration, inspection and maintenance of foreclosed homes.

The aim is to make sure houses that have been foreclosed on are properly maintained.

The ordinance, which goes into effect Jan. 1, applies to properties in unincorporated Pinellas that have been foreclosed on or are entering foreclosure. It requires that they be registered with the county and periodically inspected by the registrant to ensure they are being maintained. Properties without any formal foreclosure action are not subject to this ordinance.

The registry will include the name and address of the mortgagee, the registered agent or the property manager’s contact information. This will allow county staff to easily identify a point of contact responsible for maintenance issues on a foreclosed home. The registry is designed to help reduce the need for recurring code enforcement actions against foreclosed properties, avoid detracting from the character of existing neighborhoods, and, ultimately, return these properties to the market in liveable condition.

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