Poll Finds Americans’ Economic Anxiety Reaches New High

It’s been a year.

A long year, both in this economy and in the campaign.

Last October, Marketplace launched our first-ever national economic survey, the Marketplace-Edison Research Poll. We did it so that we could find out and track — over time — how people are feeling about the economy all through this election year and heading into the voting booth. And find out we did.

Over the past year, we’ve learned about the economic things that keep Americans up at night. (Thirty-nine percent of us lose sleep over our finances — 11 percentage points higher than it was a year ago).

We’ve learned that 28 percent of Americans are afraid of not being able to pay their mortgages — that’s up from 10 percent a year ago.

And we’ve learned that almost half of all Americans with full- or part-time jobs – 48 percent — say they’re working “just a job” and not part of a career development path.

There’s way more here…