Skeletal Remains Found Behind Wall of Missing Woman’s Foreclosed Home

No one knew what happened to 61-year-old Mary Cerruti.

The lawn of her west Heights bungalow grew wild. A window broke. Mail piled up. The signs of her disappearance troubled neighbors, who had rallied behind her as a hold-out against a massive new apartment complex that had gobbled up much of the surrounding property.

They contacted police in 2015. One neighbor hired a private investigator. As theories swirled about her fate, a bank that fall was cleared to foreclose on her home. Police issued a missing person’s report three days later.

Neighbors noticed when the for sale sign went up in her yard. Still they wondered: Where was Mary? Only when the new residents started moving in this weekend did a startling possible clue surface.

In a gap in the wall, the new residents found a pair of red eyeglasses – like the type Cerutti once wore – and a jumble of human bones.

It was a discovery that shocked those who had long searched for Cerutti. They saw the police check the home. They took note when animal control arrived to set traps for the cats she’d once fed. They watched the home get renovated, including new windows and a new roof.

And so now they wonder – as they await authorities to confirm whether the remains are hers – how all of those people could have missed the fact that her body may have been there in the wall of her house all along.

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