Students LOVE Biden’s Eviction Moratorium… As Long As It Doesn’t Apply To Them

Last week, President Joe Biden, extended the eviction moratorium after the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

This decision will continue to bar landlords from evicting tenants from their own private property. The moratorium follows guidance from the CDC, which insists that evictions are a public health concern amid Coronavirus.

Campus Reform’s video reporter Addison Smith went to Washington D.C. to get students’ reactions to the decision, and to see how they would feel if they were in the property owners’ position.

Most students voiced strong support for Biden’s decision, even after his administration admitted it was illegal. Students were not primarily concerned over private property rights violations, with one insisting that the eviction ban is a “ basic moral thing.”

But when Smith asked how they would feel if the government told them they had to pay for someone else’s rent, some students changed their tune.

Watch the full video above.

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