“It’s kinda heartbreaking because I’m three months pregnant, and I got a 3-year-old and 6-year-old. And I have no idea where we’re going to go.”

No Eviction Moratorium Means ‘Heartbreaking’ Scenes Of Families On The Streets

When Hamilton County Sheriff’s deputies show up to Dajuna Willis’ two-bedroom apartment in Avondale Wednesday, she and her two daughters will load their belongings into a 2006 Ford Focus. It’ll be their home for the foreseeable future. She’s being evicted.

Despite federal eviction moratoriums, hundreds of people are still facing eviction in Hamilton County every month.

Why Aren’t Courts Acknowledging The CDC Eviction Moratorium?

During much of the pandemic, a CDC moratorium protected people from being evicted if they’d fallen behind because of COVID-19. There were income restrictions and it was limited to people who tried to get help to repay back rent.

But the impact of the moratorium may never be known in its entirety. Legal Aid Managing Attorney Nick DiNardo says tenants were not legally obligated to take their landlords to court to fight evictions. They only had to verbally tell a landlord they were protected under the moratorium.

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