‘Absolutely nothing we can do:’ landlords, tenants struggle as ‘half measure’ moratorium pleases none

The federal eviction moratorium, which has allowed struggling renters swamped by the fallout from COVID-19 to remain in their homes but left landlords mostly on the hook for unpaid rent, is starting to draw more fire from both camps.

As the Delta variant drives a resurgence of cases across the country, landlords and tenants alike are speaking out about the shortcomings of the moratorium, which hasn’t resolved the fundamental issue of tenants unable to pay back rent — or property owners who aren’t getting paid and are drowning in mounting costs.

Some 6.5 million renter households are behind on rent, according to U.S. Census Bureau data, with nearly 72% of them owing smaller “mom and pop” landlords.

That demographic is arguably one of the biggest losers in the current crisis, with the moratorium neither providing them financial relief or facilitating payment of the billions owed in back rent.

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